Routine call to check over a property for mouse activity today.  When crawling through the loft space I came face to face with this beauty!

A Pine Martin

Some facts about the Pine Martin:


  • Adults: head and body 450 – 580mm; tails 160 – 280mm.
  • Weight can range from 500 to 1800g; with an average of 1100g.
  • Their fur is a rich brown coat, which is thick and silky in the winter but short and coarse in the summer.


  • The normal lifespan is three to four years, but they may live to 11 years, in the wild. In captivity, they may live up to 15 years.
  • Mating begins midsummer although implantation of the fertilised eggs in the womb may not occur until early the following spring. Gestation takes 27 days. There are 1 – 4 offspring in a litter.
  • At 7–8 weeks, the young emerge from the den and may begin dispersing during the breeding season at 12-16 weeks old.


  • They prefer to live in forest habitats, including deciduous, mixed, or coniferous. Old-growth forest is often preferred over young forest.
  • They are generally solitary animals except during the mating season.
  • They are an opportunistic and omnivorous species, although animal prey is preferred. Their diet varies with season and prey availability.

The Pine Marten is fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Environmental Protection Act.