Whoever coined the phrase ‘where there’s muck’ obviously had a sense of humour and life as a pest control technician isn’t always about red carpets, the high life and glamour and sometimes we have to take the rough with the even rougher.

We recently completed a job that involved clearing roofs at a complex in Forfar and the removal of 8 tonnes of bird guano. All in a day’s work though and the team took it in their stride, maybe not quite as happy as the proverbial pig, or as Larry, or as the day is long, but it was a job that was still well done.

Large roofed areas provide lots of ideal places for roosting and nesting with the list being endless – roofs, ledges, balconies and ventilation systems. If bird droppings and nesting materials are allowed to accumulate, it can pose a whole host of problems that can become serious if not addressed.

The life expectancy of a warehouse roof is drastically reduced with just a light and continuous application of bird droppings. These droppings are acidic and will eventually eat into the fabric of the roof and cause leaks. Likewise, drains and gutters can quickly be blocked resulting in standing water on the roof and the risk of water damage.

With an IPAF qualified technician at the helm of a boom lift, the team were lifted up onto the roof and over 4 days shovelled, scraped, brushed and cleared the unwanted deposits – enough to fill an 8-yard skip.

As a licenced waste carrier, we are fully insured to remove and dispose of the hazardous material and we offer a comprehensive cleaning service to complement our Bird Control Services. Now the roof is restored to its original pristine condition, the challenge is to ensure the birds don’t return to create the problem all over again.

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