A solitary ant or two wandering round your house could mean there is a whole army of them lurking nearby.  They are highly social and organised insects, close relatives of bees and wasps. They will travel far and wide across an extensive range searching for food following well established tracks to cluster around food sources.

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Small piles of earth around holes in soil or along the base of exterior walls are tell-tale signs of ants in residence. A colony can hold anything up to half a million ants and they are only considered a nuisance if they come into your home.

They are attracted to sweet food which they take back to the nest to feed to larvae and the Queen. They are not thought to carry diseases but unfortunately we don’t know where they’ve been wandering. There is a risk ants will taint food as they wander through and across cupboards.

Ants tend to be prominent during the summer months. Most people will be familiar with the sight of the winged ants as they swarm, mating on the wing as they leave the nest. Better to act sooner rather than later if you don’t want to be over run.

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