On a cold winters evening there’s nothing better than staying indoors, dry and warm with something tasty to eat. Throw in torrential rain and inside is definiBrown Rat (rattus norvegicus)tely the place to be!

And rats and mice are no different. At this time of year they will be looking anywhere and everywhere for warmth and shelter. And if there are some tasty morsels available you have the perfect conditions for passing rodents. As the winter really begins to bite, both rats and mice become an increasing problem.

They can squeeze into your property through the smallest of holes and gaps and then climb up and inside walls. Nocturnal in their habits, rats and mice, are most active between dusk and dawn. You may not see them but the signs will be there. Noises heard at the dead of night, shredded insulation, leaking water pipes and even footprints are an indication that our four legged friends may not be far away. Sometimes, the first sign of a problem is when you go into the loft to fetch down suitcases for the family holiday or more recently, decorations for the Christmas festivities.

Both rats and mice are disease carrying vermin that can cause untold damage to a property. And they need to be dealt with. They spread diseases, such as salmonella, leptospirosis and E. coli, and can cause untold damage. A leaking dish water or central heating system is very often caused by mice gnawing through the pipes. It is believed 50% of electrical fires on farms are caused by rats gnawing through cables.

Left unchecked, resident populations of these pests can quickly get out of hand. Female rats, for instance, are able to have up to 50 off spring in a year. Mice are even more prolific, with each female able to add up to 80 to the resident population.

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