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Silverfish – Lepisma saccharina

Silverfish control

Silverfish are members of a primitive order of insects which moult as adults.

They are nocturnal in habit and tend to hide during the day.

The adult, when mature, is around 12 mm in length and generally grey or silver/grey in colour.

Humidity is important in the development of of the silverfish with 90% relative humidity being the optimum for development of the nymphal stages. In common with other insects, development times are influenced by temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, quantity and quality of food.

It should be emphasised that these insects are harmless to man and don’t bite.

Why Control Silverfish?

  • Damage to the fabric of buildings, chewed wires, cables etc

  • Contamination of foodstuffs

  • The spread of disease through direct and indirect contact including : Salmonella; Weils Disease; Lyme Disease.

Method of Silverfish Control

  • Remove any infested items

  • Apply an approved residual insecticide to cracks, crevices, floorboards, skirting boards etc

  • Dehumifying reduces the moisture content of the air that Silverfish find essential 

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