Guaranteed Rabbit Control

If left unchecked, a rabbit infestation can quickly get out of hand with a number of consequences:

  • Crops and grazing areas are destroyed.
  • Gardens are destroyed as rabbits feed off flowers, bulbs and young trees.
  • Lawns, golf courses, flower beds etc are ruined by the continual digging and scraping.

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Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) tend to inhabit grasslands and heaths, woodland and open areas such as sand dunes. They are common in parks, on golf courses and railway embankments, and in gardens where they burrow under trees and sheds. Rabbits breed from January through to August, with 2 – 4 breeds per annum, 3 – 6 young per litter. After breeding, the young will live up to four kilometres away.

Why Control Rabbits?

Rabbit damage is a major economic problem for British agriculture, costing the industry an estimated £ 100 million by destroying crops and grazing. It’s not just farmers who suffer:

  • Bark may be gnawed from the base of tree trunks when other vegetation isn’t available

  • Lawns and flower beds can be ruined by the digging and scraping of holes

  • Golf courses suffer as holes are dug and the grass is killed by the acidic droppings

  • Gardens are destroyed as flowers and bulbs and young trees are destroyed

Method of Rabbit Control

Occupiers of land have a legal obligation to control rabbits and to prevent them doing damage on neighbouring land.  Controlling them takes two forms: exclusion or eradication

  • For exclusion we use rabbit-proof fencing, high enough to prevent rabbits from jumping over and buried deep enough into the ground to stop them from burrowing underneath it

  • We use a number of different methods of eradication, determined by circumstances. This includes gassing, trapping or shooting

  • After rabbits have been displaced we would always recommend rabbit-proofing to prevent any further infestation

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