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Mites – Arachnida

There are countless species of mites, ranging from the Flour mite, Acarus siro to the Velvet mite, Eutrombidium rostratus.

They all exhibit similar behavioural patterns and can be treated accordingly

Adult mites are around 0.3 – 0.5 mm in length wih their development time dependent on atmospheric temperature and humidity.

They prefer warm moist conditions and are very common in beds, soft furnishings and carpets. An adult can live for up to two months.

Why Control Mites?

  • Mites can contaminate food sources

  • They have been implicated in causing a number of diseases including dermatitis, respiratory tract irritation, asthma and intestinal upsets

  • Grain or flour mites are important pests of cereals, dried fruits and vegetables

  • In the Spring, pollen aggravates allergies and dust mite infestations make it worse

Method of Mite Control

  • Vacuum cleaning, drying of the environment – removing the humidity in the air – and washing any affected furnishings are effective initial stages in the control method

  • Contaminated food products should be destroyed

  • Both of the above are carried out in conjunction with a spray treatment using an approved non-staining insecticide

  • Particular attention will be paid to cracks and crevices

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