Mouse Control and Eradication

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If left unchecked, a resident mouse population can quickly get out of hand, with a number of serious consequences:

  • Damage to the fabric of buildings, chewed wires, cables etc.
  • Contamination of foodstuffs.
  • The spread of disease, including Salmonella, through direct and indirect contact.

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House Mouse – Mus domesticus

mouse control

The house mouse is a very common pest of buildings. Field mice and other less common rodents are not usually found in houses, but may occasionally cause infestations. The confirmation of droppings usually confirms mice are present.

They can also cause damage to foodstuffs, chew wrappers and cause holes in a variety of materials. Mice are nocturnal and can live for around 12 months. A sexually mature female can produce around 80 offspring per year.

Why Control Mice?

If left unchecked, the resident mouse population can quickly get out of hand with a number of consequences :

  • Damage to the fabric of buildings, chewed electrical wires and cables, chewed insulation and water pipes etc with the risk of electrical fire or water damage

  • They eat practically anything that we eat and their urine and droppings will contaminate any foodstuff they come in to contact with

  • The spread of disease, including salmonella, through direct and indirect contact

  • They gnaw into materials such as paper, wood, insulation etc which they use as nesting material

Method of Mice Control

Our usual method for the successful control and eradication of rats is through a combination of rodenticidal baits and proofing.

  • Identify the ‘hotspots’ or areas where the mice are most active

  • Lay baits in tamper-resistant bait stations, particularly where there is a risk of access to bait by children or animals

  • The bait preparations include a toxic ingredient which kills the mice efficiently and humanely.

  • Follow-up visits and continue baiting until the signs of mice activity disappear

  • Make recommendations, including proofing, to prevent any further infestation in the future

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