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Black Ant – Lasius niger

There are two main types of ants, the black or garden ant and the pharaoh’s ant.

The majority of ants are worker ants and sterile females which tend the young and forage for food.

The ants prefer to eat protein rich foods, such as meat, cheese, as well as fats, sugar and chocolate.

Black or Garden ants usually nest outdoors, although occasionally nesting occurs under houses or extensions, or under paving, in gardens or around walls.

They are black and around 5mm in length.

Pharaoh’s ants (Monomorium pharaonis) originated in North Africa/Mediterranean region and are now distributed widely around the world.

They require warm and humid environments, which restricts them to internal areas in the UK.

The ants are yellow-brown in colour and very small, usually around 2mm in length.

Nests are located within the fabric of buildings, along heating ducts and in wall cavities.

Why Control Ants?

If Ants are left untreated, they can cause a number of problems including :

  • Contamination by crawling on surfaces

  • Infestation and waste of foods

  • Loss of goodwill and prestige

Method of Control

Before we carry out any control, we will ensure the correct identification of ant species.

Their effective control also depends on locating the full extent of the infestation.

Garden ants

The treatment is quite straightforward :

  • We will apply an insecticidal treatment to destroy their trails and also at entry points to the building.

  • Where possible, locate and destroy the nest.

  • Alternatively we may use a baiting programme.

Pharoah’s ants

The treatment is very different :

  • We complete an extensive survey of the premises to identify all the affected areas.

  • We then carry out a baiting programme, so that nests are destroyed.

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