Gulls were once the classic preserve of the seaside but are now becoming ever present inland in our towns and cities. And with that can come all sorts of problems.

We were called in by one of our customers who was having trouble with a pair of gulls. They were nesting on a nearby rooftop but had taken to roosting on his roof. At the crack of dawn they would arrive squealing and squawking and then pad backwards and forwards across the flat roof above the bedroom creating a racket in the process.

Once in a while wasn’t a problem. But it was happening every morning, every day, without fail, come rain or shine.

We have a number of simple and effective systems we use to ensure gulls cant land on affected roof areas. They are all bird friendly and don’t cause any harm to the birds, simply not allowing them to land.

Daddy Long Legs and Fire Pots

Daddy Long Legs and Fire Pots

We would normally have used unobtrusive bird netting or bird spikes. However, in this particular instance, we installed a Daddy Long Legs system together with non-toxic gel pots to achieve the same result. The Daddy Long Legs rotates in the breeze acting as a physical deterrent whilst the gel pots give the birds the impression that the roof is on fire.

All in all, a relatively straight forward job for us to complete but very effective.


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