Bird Control Aberdeen

If you live or work in Aberdeen, you’ll know that Aberdonian gulls are considered so hardcore Aberdeen City Council issued ‘Living with Urban Gulls - The Survivors Guide’. They [...]


Cluster Fly Control

Do you have a problem with flies living in your window frames? If so these will most likely be Cluster Flies (pollenia rudis) As you can see from this photo the flies will hide [...]


Damaged Bird Netting

We have been supplying and installing bird deterrent systems throughout Scotland for a number of years. Netting is a common way of preventing bird infestation and is particularly good for [...]


Perth Gull Control

  Gulls were once the classic preserve of the seaside but are now becoming ever present inland in our towns and cities. And with that can come all sorts of [...]


Bird Control Edinburgh

Bird control services in Edinburgh. We were recently called in to an Edinburgh company to renew bird netting over three of its heating tower complexes. Left to their own devices, [...]


Bird Control Dundee

Bird Guano Removal Dundee We’ve carried out work in some unusual places but even the Tay Rail Bridge was something out of the ordinary. The bridge was completed and opened [...]


Bird Guano Clearance

Bird Guano Clearance Often regarded as the worst part of a pest technicians job, however the results can be very satisfying. If you have ever had birds nesting or roosting [...]



Have you got problems with Gulls? Call us on 0800 0283 703 for free expert advice. There was a time when seagulls, or more precisely gulls, were only ever seen [...]


Bird Control Stirling

If you have a problem with nesting or roosting birds, contact us on 0800 0283 703 for free expert advice. We were delighted, recently, to be able to help our [...]

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