Land Ahoy2015-03-20 11.50.39

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Life is never boring at Strathearn Pest Control with no two days the same. When we were asked to deal with a recent gull problem little did we realise it was a job for our seaborne division.

The gulls were roosting on an island on a large pond and then creating a number of problems around nearby houses. Our job was to encourage the gulls to move to other nesting and roosting sites a little further away. Th2015-03-23 10.06.20is, in itself, was simple enough. Netting suspended across the length and breadth of the island is an effective and bird friendly solution.

More difficult was to get three technicians and all the equipment across to the island without anyone getting their feet wet. On the day, sea conditions were favourable enough and after several crossings, men and material were ashore. A straightforward job was then completed with posts and netting in place by the end of the day.

The gulls moved to a new home at a nearby loch far enough away to stop them causing any further nuisance, so a win-win all round.2015-03-20 11.50.47

And as for our hardy seafarers? Robert, John and Neil managed to navigate back to dry land without mishap.

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