We were recently asked by a home owner to help with a Gull problem in Grangemouth. The Gulls were using the ridge tiles as a resting place. Apart from the continual noise this can also become a health hazard due to the build up of droppings. 

Our solution was to install Gull deterrent spikes along the ridge. This has successfully moved the Gulls on without harming them.

Strathearn Pest Control has a  specialist Bird Control Team extensively trained in all aspects of bird control. We offer a wide range of appropriate solutions to control gulls, pigeons and many other species of birds.

Our services include:

  • Advice on current bird protection legislation
  • Free and detailed site survey
  • Installation of bird proofing and bird deterrent solutions including bird netting, bird point and bird wire systems
  • Bird removal techniques including egg, nest and bird removal
  • Removal of bird nesting material and bird fouling clearance  

If you have a bird problem then contact us today on FREEPHONE 0800 0283 703 or by clicking here to arrange a free site survey.