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Rabbits are soft-furred creatures much loved by all. From Roger to Bugs, from Peter to Thumper, we all have our favourites. Unless, of course, you have them in your garden. Or on your golf course. Or on your farm. Then, they’re not quite as welcome.


Rabbits tend to live on grasslands and heaths, woodland and open areas such as sand dunes. They are common in parks, on golf courses and railway embankments. In your garden, you might find them burrowed underneath trees and sheds. So, how do you know if you have a rabbit problem?

Signs are pretty obvious:

  • You’ll see rabbits. Though nocturnal, they may still be active during the day
  • Droppings
  • Burrows and scraping – the scrapings mark out the extent of their territory

And if you don’t deal with them?

We’re all familiar with the expression ‘breed like rabbits’, so no surprise then that rabbits breed like, well, rabbits. They breed from January through to August and can have up to 4 litters in that time with between 3 – 6 young. And more headline consequences:

  • Rabbits can devastate an area. Snacks of choice are grass and other herbaceous plants and the bark of woodier plants.
  • Rabbits are a major economic problem for British agriculture causing over £ 100m of damage to crops and grazing land
  • Embankments are undermined by rabbit warrens
  • Parkland, golf courses and gardens are damaged and destroyed as rabbits make themselves at home.

Cuddly though they are, the burrowing and scraping and the eating of plants all can combine to make the rabbit a major pest.

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