When you have to take to the lifeboats in your own kitchen, you know you have a problem!

Leaking appliances – dish washers, washing machines – may not be all they seem and not necessarily caused by day to day wear and tear. Throw in damp patches on interior walls or even the complete lack of water and you don’t need to be Inspector Clouseau to know where to point the finger of suspicion.

Mice like to gnaw and chew – their teeth are constantly growing – so they need to grind them down to a comfortable size otherwise their teeth would grow to such an extent they wouldn’t be able to feed themselves and they would die. The down side is that they will chew on anything which is readily available and that’s where the leaking appliances come in.

We are often brought in, too late in the day, after a plumber has been called out to repair a leaking dish washer only to find that a water pipe or joint has been chewed by a mouse. Undetected, the slightest nick in a water pipe can have disastrous effects and we have seen whole walls and ceilings brought down by the weight of soaking plasterboard.

And it doesn’t just stop at water pipes! Electrical cables and junction boxes are also fair game to a mouse looking for something to gnaw on. This in turn can lead to electrical fires and other damaging possibilities.

This doesn’t happen everyday but it’s not as uncommon as you might think. So, if you hear noises in the roof or in behind walls, it’s crucial not to ignore it. Luckily, help is at hand and we have nearly 40 years’ experience dealing with exactly these problems. We offer a free survey and quotation detailing how we can help maintain pest free conditions.

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