We have been supplying and installing bird deterrent systems throughout Scotland for a number of years. Netting is a common way of preventing bird infestation and is particularly good for large open areas such as roof spaces, loading bays and underneath bridges.

Nesting and roosting birds can cause a number of problems including damage to the property and potential health hazards. We have found anti-bird netting is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of bird proofing buildings and can be used for a variety of species including gulls, pigeons, starlings and sparrows. When installed properly, nets are almost invisible.

Damaged Bird Netting

Damaged Bird Netting

They can become damaged if snagged or vandalised and pest birds can quickly re-establish a presence if left unchecked.

In addition to installing new nets we also offer an on-site repair service to replace or patch damaged nets before birds regain access. We often find that we can repair a net rather than replacing it with a brand new one. The simple introduction of the correct size of stanchions and patching the damage to the mesh can give a net a whole new lease of life. This can offer significant cost savings over a full system replacement.

So if you’re having a problem with birds give us a ring on 0800 0283 703 or contact us our on-line contact form for free expert advice on our bird proofing systems.