September 2014

Rodent Damage

Rodents don't just damage and contaminate farms and homes.  You may be surprised to know that we are regularly called out to deal with damage to cars! We've found both rats [...]

July 2013

Rabbit Control Perthshire

Rabbits are a major agricultural pest within the UK, DEFRA estimate the UK population of rabbits to be around 30 million and rising.  In horticultural and other high-risk crops on [...]

March 2013

Rat Infestation Dundee

We were chosen by a farmer in Dundee to bring a rat infestation under control on his farm. The rodent population had got out of control and contamination and damage was apparent [...]

February 2013

Mouse Control Stirling

Homeowners often hear noises in the roof or behind the walls, It is crucial not to ignore this kind of problem for too long before getting it checked out. Whilst surveying [...]

January 2013

Rat Control Falkirk

We were recently called into a farm in Falkirk as it was evident that the previous company had lost control of the rodents.  The rats had become a large problem on the farm, not only damaging [...]

Mole Control Perthshire

Another day another mole infestation!     To find out more about moles and our mole control services please click here If you have a problem with moles or any [...]

May 2011

Rat Control Perthshire

We were recently chosen as the approved contractors to carry out rat control at a farm in Perthshire.  The levels of rodents at the farm had got out of control. After a few treatments by [...]

January 2011

Mole Control Perthshire

Now that all the snow has finally melted we can start our mole control services.  We were called in to this property to trap the offending moles which had been [...]

December 2010

November 2010

Rat Control Angus

We were recently called out to a farm in Angus as the rat population had got out of control. On surveying the premises we found high levels of activity throughout all areas. As you will [...]

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