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Common Clothes Moths – Tineola Bisselliella We’ve all heard the jokes about people having moths in their wallets. Not so funny, though, is moths in your wardrobe. And whilst the majority [...]

May 2015

September 2014

Wasp Control

Every year our technicians deal with numerous wasps nests. This year in particular, with the mild winter and warmer summer the wasps have been thriving.  This has resulted in a [...]

July 2013

Wasp Control Fife

We were called out today to treat a wasps nest in a most unusual place! Inside a cherry picker....... The client had been using the machine for a while and [...]

Wasp Control Perthshire

Phew its hot out there!! As the temperature keeps soaring so do the number of wasps.  Unlike last year at this time, we are being inundated with wasp callouts and [...]

May 2013

Wasps Nest

We are regularly asked whether wasps will return to the same nest each year.  This isn't the case as each Spring the queens will start a new nest however it is [...]

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