Bird Control

When one of our clients called us for advice on a pigeon problem, we had the perfect solution.

An external store at Diageo Abercrombie was forever being plagued by roosting and nesting pigeons and the canopy over the storage area provided the perfect site. With high beams and ledges to perch on, the pigeons had a free undisturbed run of the place and the mess they were making was spoiling components stored on the ground used in the manufacture of stills. And of course, it was hardly a bed of roses for the employees running the gauntlet underneath and through the affected areas.

Bird netting is one of the most effective and flexible methods we use to keep birds off potential roosting and nesting sites and the underside of the canopy presented few problems for our experienced team.

Working from a small boom lift and scaffold tower, our IPAF and PASMA trained technicians installed a network of stainless-steel wires around and across the underside of the canopy. With barrel strainers taking up the slack, a tough and durable 50 mm UV stabilised net was suspended from the wire network using galvanised steel hog rings. With no requirement for zipped inspection access points, the job was straight forward and once up, the net was trimmed for a perfect finish. Job done.

We know that birds in the wrong place can become a real nuisance and if you’ve tried to keep them from entering or nesting on your premises, you’ll know how difficult the task can be. Netting is just one of the solutions we offer and provides a virtually invisible barrier that birds can’t pass through or get around and it is a harmless deterrent that encourage birds to ‘move on’ to alternative sites. It is as effective on the underside of canopies, bridges and porchways as it is across flat roofs of warehouses and garden- centres and can be used for any manner of birds – from sparrows to gulls.

That’s why we have a range of services that will provide the solution you’re looking for. To find out more or to arrange a visit from our specialist team call us on 0800 0283 703 or complete our on-line contact form.