Bird Guano Clearance

Often regarded as the worst part of a pest technicians job, however the results can be very satisfying.

If you have ever had birds nesting or roosting in and around your property, then you will know about the mess they can make. The presence of bird droppings more commonly known as guano, nesting materials, dead birds and parasites, particularly in confined spaces, can pose serious health and safety risks.

Left unchecked, the birds and their droppings can cause permanent damage to the structure of your buildings or equipment. That is why at Strathearn Pest Control we offer a comprehensive cleaning service to complement our existing Bird Control Services.

We can remove all bird droppings and nesting material and often install Bird Control measures to prevent the problem happening again.

Buildings provide lots of ideal areas for roosting and nesting, with the list being endless – roofs, ledges, balconies, loft spaces, ventilation systems and machinery. And this in itself creates endless problems:

  • Bird droppings are very acidic and can corrode surfaces including tar-based roofing materials and paint finishes
  • Ventilation systems are damaged by bird droppings as the ducts become clogged up
  • The nesting sites provide ideal harbourage for parasites, fleas and ticks
  • Roof voids begin to smell and attract insects
  • The ventilation system can spread smells and contaminants throughout a building
  • Breathing in the bacteria from the droppings can, in some cases, attack your immune system with risk from diseases such as cryptococcssis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis
  • Nesting material can block drains and gutters resulting in water damage to the property

The safe removal of bird waste will:

  • prolong the life of exterior surfaces of the building
  • improve the appearance of the building
  • eradicate any nesting insects and parasites
  • eliminate health issues within the building

Strathearn Pest Control is a licensed waste carrier and is fully insured to remove and dispose of this hazardous material. Once all fouling, nesting material and associated debris is removed, the affected areas are cleaned and disinfected to make the area 100% safe.


Before clean-up


Clean-up completed

If you require more information on our Cleaning Services or any of our other Bird Control products please contact us on 0800 0283 703 or use our online contact form.