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We were delighted, recently, to be able to help our friends down at the Riverside in Dunblane. Jo and Stu have transformed the old Stirling Arms into a fashionable pub, restaurant and coffee house but were having problems with some unwelcome guests. Pigeons.

The birds were nesting nearby and then roosting on the roofs and chimney stacks of the Riverside. Lovely though they are to look at, the birds were causing considerable damage to the fabric of the building and were leaving unwanted deposits for the diners out on the terrace.

Using a 64 feet Z boom, over a period of a week, we installed bird point and other deterrents across the roof line and chimneys to prevent the pigeons ‘interacting’ with the diners below. The pigeons moved onto alternative roosting sites and the diners are now able to enjoy lunches and dinners without any extra ingredients. A win-win situation for everyone.

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2015-05-14 13.07.35

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