Bird control services in Edinburgh.

We were recently called in to an Edinburgh company to renew bird netting over three of its heating tower complexes.

Left to their own devices, pigeons will roost and nest on rooftops, especially around the heating and cooling tower areas, where they wont be disturbed.

Bird Control Edinburgh

Bird netting Edinburgh

Their nesting material and droppings can then permanently damage the building and heating and ventilation systems. The droppings also pose a health risk to employees if particles enter the air conditioning system.

This particular company had previously had bird nets put up above each of the three complexes to prevent these problems. However, the nets hadn’t been installed correctly and were damaged by protruding angles and sharp edges.

We came up with a cost effective solution. Firstly we replaced just two of the nets and repaired the third. Then, by using specially manufactured brackets we raised the height of all the nets above any sharp objects to avoid the nets being torn in the future.

Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Netting

Each complex was about the size of a 5-a-side football pitch and nets that big can be tricky to handle. Working off our scaffolding tower made the job easier although it didn’t make the rain any more pleasant. Despite the weather, the work was completed on time and meant the birds had to look elsewhere to roost.

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