Bird Guano Removal Dundee

We’ve carried out work in some unusual places but even the Tay Rail Bridge was something out of the ordinary.

The bridge was completed and opened in June 1887 and replaced the original structure which collapsed in a violent storm in December 1879 with the loss of 75 lives.

It is over 2 miles long and carries the main-line railway across

Tay Rail Bridge

The view from the middle of the bridge

the Tay from Wormit to Dundee. As you can imagine, safety is paramount these days and the bridge is subject to regular maintenance and refurbishment works. And that’s where we came in.

The bridge was to be shot blasted and then painted by specialist teams as part of a £ multi-million project. However, before that could be started there was the little matter of the removal of pigeon guano from the inside of one of the cast iron support columns.

A simple enough job. Until you factor in the 1.1 mile walk above the railway line to the middle of the bridge carrying all the gear. And working nearly 100 feet above the waterline. And main-line trains rumbling overhead.

Technician with some of the guano

A technician with some of the guano

Once the team had climbed down into the support column we could get to work. We used auxiliary lighting to see what we were doing and 2 days and around 75 bags of pigeon guano later the place was as good and fresh as the day the bridge was put up.

Not all our jobs are quite on this scale. So, if you have any problems with birds give us on a call on 0800 0283 703 for free expert advice.