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Little wonder Mrs Cooper didn’t have any hot water. Closer inspection showed mice had chewed through the thermostat cable to the boiler.

Rodent damage

Signs to look out for

Other signs of mice include:

  • Scratching noises – mice are most active at night
  • Droppings – 50 to 80 a night scattered randomly
  • Grease marks – smears around corners and holes
  • Tracks – footprints and tail swipes in dusty areas
  • Smell – strong ammonia-like smell of urine


Whilst they might appear cuddly friendly little creatures, if not dealt with, mice can cause a lot of problems, and not just for Mrs Cooper:

  • Chewed cables, insulation, plastic water pipes
  • Damaged stored possessions – Christmas decorations, suitcases
  • Contamination of foodstuff
  • Spread of disease – Salmonella and E Coli

Don’t Worry

It’s really not nice to have mice however it’s a problem easily solved by our technicians. With over 35 years’ experience we will have a solution to put your mind at rest.  Call us now on 0800 0283 703 for free advice.