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Bird Proofing

At Strathearn Pest Control we understand the problems that birds can cause. That’s why we have developed a range of Products and Services that can control any resident pest bird population.

Our preferred methods focus on the displacement of birds, denying them roosting and nesting sites, and moving them on, away from your premises.

Our methods are effective and discrete and each solution is tailored to individual customer circumstances.


Our proofing services include :

  • Bird Spikes
  • Netting
  • Spring Wire
  • Gull Deterrent Wire
  • Daddi Long Legs
  • Fire Gel Pots
  • Avishock

Bird Spikes

  • Used on ledges, shelves, exposed beams, security lights, aircon units etc where birds roost and nest
  • Ensures birds cannot land on their preferred site
  • A humane deterrent to ensure the birds cannot roost or nest
  • Unobtrusive and extremely effective



  • A cost effective solution to prevent birds accessing roosting and nesting areas
  • Extremely flexible and can be used in almost any location
  • Identification of the pest bird species ensures the correct net gauge and the target species is not harmed
  • Includes annual inspection



Spring Wires

  • Used as an alternative to Bird Point to deny birds access to roosting and nesting sites

Gull Deterrent Wire

  • Used on rooftops to deny gulls’ roosting and nesting opportunities
  • Humane method preventing Gulls from landing on the rooftop

Daddi Long Legs

  • Deter gulls, pigeons and other large birds from landing on open spaces
  • Thin stainless rods rotate in the breeze and harmlessly stop birds roosting
  • Inconspicuous and almost invisible from 15 metres

Fire Gel Pots

  • Keeps birds, especially pigeons, off buildings without harming them
  • It uses the ultra-violet part of a birds visual spectrum who see the gel as fire the illusion of flames
  • They are easily installed on landing sites to stop the pest birds landing


  • Highly effective in deterring all species of birds
  • It works using the same principles of electric fences in livestock management
  • Hardly noticeable at close quarters and virtually invisible from a distance

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your pest bird problem and to arrange a visit from our Bird Consultant, please call us on freephone 0800 0283 703. Alternatively, use our online contact form for a free survey and a detailed quotation on how we can eradicate your pest problem.


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