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Types of Pests

There are two main types of ants, the black or garden ant and the pharaoh’s ant. The majority of ants are worker ants and sterile females which tend the young and forage for food.
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There are many different kinds of cockroach. Some of the more common types that occur in the UK include Common cockroach, German cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach and Australian cockroach. Cockroaches can seriously harm business reputations, particularly within the food industry.
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The bed bug enjoys the luxury of centrally heated dwellings, which they exploit all year round. They avoid the light and hide in/on furniture, on bed frames, in & behind skirting boards and plug sockets, on curtain poles, behind hanging pictures, inside divan frames, on mattresses and headboards.
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Fleas are parasitic insect pests of mammals. They depend on their ‘host’ animal for food and development. Their host can be a cat, a dog, a fox, a bird or even in rare cases humans
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pest-cluster-flyCluster Flies
Often confused with the common House Fly, Cluster Flies are roughly the same size. Some characteristics that differentiate the Cluster Fly: they fly somewhat more slowly than the House Fly, they almost always fly toward windows on the warm side of a structure and their wings overlap almost completely, when at rest.
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pest moleMoles
Moles are common to mainland Britain, particularly areas of permanent grassland such as private lawns and gardens, golf courses, parks and playing fields. They have a highly developed sense of touch and hearing even though they no external ear flaps. Their bodies are cylindrical, 12-16 cm long from nose to tail and they weigh 70-110g.
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Pest MouseMouse
The house mouse is a very common pest of buildings. Field mice and other less common rodents are not usually found in houses, but may cause infestations occasionally. The confirmation of droppings usually confirms mice are present. They can also cause damage to foodstuffs, chew wrappers and cause holes in a variety of materials.
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Birds can often cause problems, especially pigeons, They are an growing problem to public health in urban areas. This is because pigeons are carriers of numerous diseases, some of which can be transferred to humans. Apart from pigeons people find they can also have problems with house sparrows and starlings, especially in domestic properties. Gulls have also become a common pest in towns and cities.
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The most common species of rat found in the UK is the brown rat. There is also the black rat which is much less common and is usually found in very few port side areas. Rats tend to be a problem as they are destructive and transmit many dangerous diseases.
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Wasps are social insects and form large colonies, or nests, which are socially structured and highly organised. Wasps are a widespread pest during the summer and cause fear and concern in many people because of their powerful stings especially as some species are quite aggressive.
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