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Keep Out Univited Guests

To be successful, a hotel has to rely on being able to provide a first class service for their guests. Whether it’s in the restaurant, leisure facilities or guest accommodation, high standards and levels of service are expected and demanded by paying guests. The last thing any hotel needs, then, are the type of unwelcome guests we are used to dealing with.

Cockroaches in the kitchens, bed bugs in the bedrooms and mice and rats in the cellars are just some of the growing number of pests hotels are now faced. Left to their own devices pests can have a disastrous effect on the business :

  • contaminate food and destroy food stores
  • damage the fabric and foundations of buildings
  • increased costs and loss of revenue
  • damage your reputation and profitability

The pest problem does not necessarily end there. Pigeons can be very destructive both on the exterior and interior of buildings. Their droppings are extremely corrosive, damaging the fabric of a building and creating slip hazards and their nesting material is the ideal breeding ground for flies and biting insects.

At Strathearn Pest Control, we provide a professional service to eradicate and control all types of pests and carry out this work throughout Scotland. We will work with you to eradicate the pest, whether it is through a one-off treatment or the development and provision of a tailored service plan.

Our methods are discrete and appropriate for the environment and will ensure you comply with Food Industry Hygiene Standards, with our pest control services an integral part of your Food Safety Management Systems.

Our local technician will regularly visit your site and

  • Initially install and and then inspect the preventative measures in place
  • check for signs of pest activity
  • identify any potential risks
  • advise on steps, including proofing, you can take to reduce the risk of pest problems

All the information from each pest control service visit is recorded for audit purposes. Any signs of pest activity are highlighted, together with actions taken and recommendations to reduce the risk. The audit trail is transparent in case of any incident and is consistent with the main food manufacturing standards.


To find out more about how we can you on a one-off job basis or with a longer term preventative Service Plan for your business or to arrange a visit from one of our specialist team, please call us on 0800 0283 703. Alternatively just complete our online enquiry form.


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